November 11th: This Week On The UPLOAD

The Week Of November 11th on THE POP CULTURE UPLOAD:

Dave Kindig is a guy who loves cars, especially drawing & designing them. For three seasons he has shared his passion on BITCHN’ RIDES on the Velocity Network, but how did it all start for him?

She is one of America’s foremost ghost chasers – Katrina Weidman jumps into the unexplained on A&E’s PARANORMAL STATE and Destination America’s PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN, but was there ever a time in her past where she was a skeptic about all of this?


Scott & Julie Stewart are the creators of the Disney Jr hit series KATE & MIM MIM, but it was actually their own family who inspired the show


Action Matt Ryan has truly bonded with the character of CONSTANTINE from the short lived NBC series to a guest shot on ARROW. Now he’s taking on the role again in the new direct to DVD DC Comics animated feature,  JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, but he’s not complaining


The titles of some of NBC’s hit procedural shows may all contain the word CHICAGO – but the stories are familiar from coast to coast. CHICAGO PD star Carl Weathers explains

To perfect her role in the new film EDGE OF SEVENTEEN, actress Hailee Steinfeld drew on a number of her own life experiences which she then took to director Kelly Craig