November 4th: This Week On The UPLOAD

The Week Of November 4th on THE POP CULTURE UPLOAD:

 You may have heard it before. An actor finds a role that is really a dream come true, but that is exactly the case for Janet Varney star of the new IFC series STAN AGAINST EVIL


Actress Rachel McAdams has the role of Christine Palmer in the new Marvel epic DR STRANGE, but fans are curious as to just which incarnation of that character we’ll see on the big screen


If you are a Marvel Films fan then you’ve already seen DR STRANGE,  but for some movie goers,  it might be a bit confusing where all this magical mind bending falls in line next to things like THE AVENGERS and CAPTAIN AMERICA. Marvel Films’ Kevin Feige explains


He’s no boy scout. Compared to guys like Captain America,  he’s kind of an arrogant dick, but actor Benedict Cumberbatch says that you need to look a little deeper to see just what a hero DR STRANGE is


Life is hard enough but imagine life with a camera crew following your every move. For some reality stars that is burden, but not for Amber Marchese star of REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NJ and MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP

Holidays are coming and we need to hit the road, but all those of us who have been sidelined with layovers and overnights in airports agree there has to be a better way. Julia Dimon from Travelocity shares a few important tips