October 28th: This Week On The UPLOAD

The Week Of October 28th on THE POP CULTURE UPLOAD:

In the world of the ABC series ONCE UPON A TIME, The Evil Queen is back to her  old job of being….evil. But according to actress Lana Parilla, who plays Regina, things aren’t exactly the way they seem

Elizabeth Reaser & Henry Thomas star in the new horror thriller QUIJA and they both agrees that audiences should keep their eye on the fresh new actress who is at the center of the film

There are a number of things notable about the new film AMERICAN PASTORAL. The talented Ewan McGregor both stars in and directs the project which features a number of great actors including Valerie Curry

Cristy Lee is a popular girl,  heading up her own Velocity Network series, ALL GIRLS GARAGE, hosting the Barret-Jackson live auction and hitting the racing circuit as well. So how does she juggle it all?

Survival expert Tim MacWelch has plenty of tips for slowing down and taking your life in a new. less technical direction. He covers them all in his best selling book HOW TO SURVIVE OFF THE GRID

The new USA series FALLING WATER will not only grab your attention, but challenge you imagination. Star David Ajala explains why