October 21st: This Week On The UPLOAD

The Week Of October 21st on THE POP CULTURE UPLOAD:

Actress Kelly Overton is the star of the new SyFy series VAN HELSING.  but she told me that if this show wasn’t SO different she would have never taken the role – and that difference starts with the writing


With a little time twisting event called FlashPoint, The CW series THE FLASH has spun off in a new direction that possibly affects all the major characters. Actress Danielle Panabaker (who plays Caitlin Snow) has her own hopes for what might be in store


Creator Max Landis had a pretty big job ahead of him when he decided to bring the Douglas Adams DIRK GENTLY books to TV, but he told us that he had a specific plan from the start


Fans of the DIRK GENTLY book series by Douglas Adams are getting a few extra surprises in the new BBC America series and among them is actress Jade Eshete


There is plenty of tension & intrigue in the new Epix series BERLIN STATION  and right in the heart of it all is actress Michelle Forbes


Music fans were a little disturbed that singing star Michel’-le was left out of the recent hit film STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON. Not to be overlooked, the talented lady is telling her personal story in a new made for TV movie